Christopher Samuel


The Unseen is a project that looks at how we can all experience inaccessibility, either through age, disability, religion, race, gender and many other ways. Inaccessible by definition means difficult: or impossible to reach, approach, or understand. Not accessible; unapproachable. For example, not being able to enter a building because I can’t physically get in there.

The overall aim of the project is to create awareness of others and how we all have different needs for many different reasons. The hope is to create a more understanding and connected community. 

Using redaction and manipulation, these photographs and texts generate a conversation around the unseen barriers faced by different communities.
The project has received a National Project Grant from Arts Council England.

A photograph of the artist in his studio.

Christopher Samuel is a multidisciplinary artist that makes work about identity and what identity means for him. This could mean things that contribute to the way we act, speak, dress, feel and the reasons why. 

He makes work using print, photography, installation, illustration and sculptural works.

His recent piece of work included emails documenting a conversation between three parties on Samuel’s experience of being made homeless and those people discussing whose responsibility it was to rehouse him. These emails were screen-printed with important information redacted and alongside this a response from Samuel’s using further redaction to communicate his feelings.


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