Dolly Sen


Healthcare depends on the human dispensing it. These two prescriptions show two interactions I have had with health professionals, one that stripped me of humanity, and one that enhanced it. I am not the only person this happens to. I know which one I prefer. 

As a child, Dolly Sen was an alien in Empire Strikes Back. She knew then she would never know normal life. Her journey as a creative has taken her up a tree in Regents Park, to California’s Death Row, to Tower Bridge and the Royal Academy, Trafalgar Square, and up a ladder to screw a lightbulb into the sky. She is a writer, filmmaker, artist, performer and activist. She has exhibited as an artist and performed internationally, and her films have been shown worldwide, including at the Barbican in London. Dolly’s creativity aims to put normality over her lap and slap its naughty arse. 

More recently she has been working on her Section 136 project. Section 136 is a radical mental health art-action programme where madness is questioned, and institutional monsters are confronted using art, love, rage and sheep. Read more about it at 


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