Torron-Lee Dewar

Torron-Lee Dewar BCAa, the founder of Alliance Arts, uses a variety of creative elements to captivate and inspire the minds of people from all walks of life. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Torron-Lee uses his skills to motivate, strengthen and boost confidence in individuals of all ages. He has gained a multitude of awards for his ability to bring people and communities together through teamwork, motivation and respect.

Torron-Lee has worked alongside many recognised companies such as British Airways, Channel 4, Rambert, BBC, ESPN, GEMS World Academy to name a few, and has made a positive impact on individuals both nationally and internationally. Alongside the creative work, Mr. Dewar is also an ambassador for The Spirit of London Awards which was set up by the Damilola Taylor Trust, is an ambassador for the British Citizen Award at the House of Lords and is on the consortium for the Mayor of London’s Creative Enterprise Zone (LBH). Mr. Dewar has also won awards and recognition for not just the arts but also for lowering the crime rate in London and taking individuals away from gun/knife crime through early intervention services and charitable work. Therefore, not just an artist or fitness coach but also a role model in various aspects of modern life. You can tune in to Torron-Lee’s new podcast (Creativity Cast), which discusses topics on life and the creative mind via Spotify and Apple Podcasts and find his new book Creativity is Everything on Amazon. The book explores the subconscious mind and what mental capacity is needed to step outside the box.


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