Jahangir Ahmed

Jahangir Ahmed is a self taught dancer and choreographer. Dance has enabled him to express the emotions he was unable to via words and escape reality as a kid. To take him to another world without judgement. What started as an outlet took him on a path where he felt so passionate about dance and realised that it can heal and be empowering, not just to himself but to others too.

Dance Jahangir’s life as he won awards in schools and events across the UK, gaining confidence in his skills. Without any dance training he found his own unique style and a connection with established styles such as contemporary, Street, Salsa, and Bollywood.

Jahangir recently added Sufi Dance to his range of techniques, learning from Wahab Shas, a renowned choreographer-dancer from Pakistan. He is now the only trained male dancer of this form in the whole of Europe.

He has been dancing and practising choreography across the world at events and can often be spotted behind the Bollywood stars on shows and films and collaborating with celebrities on Tik Tok.

Instagram: @jahmed.londonofficial