Future Visions

A reimagined future for Hounslow’s community.

Images L-R, above: Sonia Gill, Hand Vase; Giacomo Giannelli, Blue Flower; Gwen Shabka, Sanctuary Underfoot; Peter Bennett, An Ideal for Living; Images L-R, below: Daniela Torres, Time in Despair; Miguel Galue, Reaching for the Sun; Eva Joy Lawrence, Radical Hope 2021; Connie Mae Jones, Natural Light.

This new and ambitious project led by CPP Hounslow brings together Hounslow’s local artists to send a message that imagination, hope, and kindness are not cancelled, even in difficult times.  

‘Future Visions’ will adorn Hounslow High Street from Saturday 29 May for two weeks, followed by a touring exhibition appearing in libraries and cafes throughout 2021. The exhibition will also be shown online from 14 June 2021 at http://www.hounslowvisualarts.org.uk/exhibitions/future-visions and accompanied by a series of Meet the Artists events that will run throughout the year.

The exhibition will fill the town centre with bright, bold, uplifting work representing the artist’s hope for the future of our community. The exhibition sets up a new type of social interaction, highlighting the positive impact art can have on health and wellbeing, and reinvigorating the high street with art!

Curated by members of the local community with support from CPP Hounslow, we want to give everyone the opportunity to experience the incredible wealth of artistic talent in our local area.

Participating artists are: Connie Mae Jones, Daniel Silas, Daniela Torres, Dorota Watson & Isabel Wojciechowska-Watson, Eva Joy Lawrence, Gerald Curtis, William Kherbek & Claire Zakiewicz, Giacomo Giannelli, Gursharan Kaur, Gwen Shabka, Krystle Patel, Miguel Galue Piqueras, Peter Bennett, Pola Williams, Simon Hanna, Simrah Riaz and Sonia Gill

The exhibition is part of CPP Hounslow’s Visual Arts Programme, supported by Creative Enterprise West.