Farah Qureshi

Farah Qureshi is a designer maker specialising in creating ethical and  sustainable jewellery.  Collections are created each year in precious  materials including silver and gold.  Farah is also a Fairtrade gold licencee,  Fairtrade gold supports and sustains mining communities.  Recycled materials  are also used.  Farah aims to help the planet one piece of jewellery at a  time. 

The inspiration behind the jewellery comes from many different sources.  These  include:  botany under the microscope, travels around the globe, different  cultures and found objects in the home.  “Life is an inspiration.” 

Farah Qureshi has a commissioning service and makes creative pieces of  jewellery, in response to a customers brief. 

Website: www.farahqureshi.co.uk

Instagram: @farahsjewellery