Luca M. Damiani

Processing Hyperacusis

This series of processed images layer together graphics and text to create a narrative of what it is like to live with Hyperacusis (a serious sensitivity to sound) and Persistent Postural-Perceptual Dizziness (PPPD). These conditions affect perception, cognition, hearing and balance.

These works are a way of visualising this invisible disability. They use data gathered from various therapies and medical treatments, as well as my personal daily reflections, creating an artistic and scientific exploration of the disorder. The texts come from my daily observations, turned into poems to describe different aspects of the condition. My medical data and therapy audio recordings are interpreted through computational media design graphics, reflecting the dynamic of the condition. These are layered together, creating contrasts between the graphics and text, reflecting the layers of cognition, becoming a narrative of this ongoing experience with its emotional and physical toll.

My son suddenly developed Tinnitus and Hyperacusis through an accident at a nightclub and he began to experience severe intolerance of certain everyday sounds.

Sounds are perceived as extremely loud, frightening and painful, causing him significant ongoing distress and anxiety in his everyday life. Socialising and doing the things he enjoys like sport can become unbearable activities.

I am grateful to Luca Damiani, whose work I chose for this exhibition, for sharing his experiences of these conditions through his art.  His work gave me some much-needed insight into my son’s traumatic experiences and made me feel less alone and overwhelmed. I hope our participation in the exhibition will contribute to the conversations I would like to see us having about these relatively unknown conditions.

Eve, member of the project’s curatorial group

Luca M Damiani is a Media Artist and a Lecturer on BA (Hons) Graphic and Media Design at London College of Communication, University of the Arts London. Luca practices internationally in the fields of art, digital media, and visual culture. He works and experiments with creative techniques such as digital technology, animation, photography, coding, and mixed media. With a multi-methodological approach, Luca explores artistic processes, reconsidering the combination of methods. His ongoing research-based practice looks at various areas of applied art and design, with the main focus on technology, digital art, and neuroscience/neurodiversity. Luca has collaborated with many institutions, including Computer Arts Society, Mozilla Foundation, NESTA, Amnesty International, BBC, Disney, TATE, V&A and Thames & Hudson.