Creative People & Places Hounslow’s Visual Arts Programme has invited four artists to explore and map Hounslow’s unique, shifting geography using walking as a starting point.

Using the act of wandering through a place, and interacting with the locality and people who live there, the artists will create new artworks that will become a new exhibition that will tour Hounslow’s Libraries until May 2024, beginning with a launch event on 17 September at Feltham Library.

Each artist will undertake their walk in September 2022, and using technology, drawing, mapping and photography, they will create walks and artworks that uncover personal stories of Hounslow. 

The artists included in the project are:

Diana Agunbiade-Kolawole

Diana is an artist working with photography. She grew up in Heston, and her ‘Wanderings’ project takes its starting point from a tree that her family planted in the year 2000.

From this point, she will recreate some of the walks she did when she was younger, using cliché verre (glass plate) and camera photography to capture her walk. Diana is interested in the local area in relation to the legal property boundary lines and localised patterns that exist on them.

Flo Armitage-Hookes

Flo is an artist and writer based in southeast London. She is currently studying an Architectural History MA at UCL. Her work explores the situated and unstable relationships between architecture, people and place through sound, text, and performance.

Her ‘Wanderings’ project will explore the residential area of Cranford via an alternate map of simple one-line sketches and experimental writing. This will be informed by a series of walks and conversations with locals and critical reflections on our embodied movement through Cranford.


Sam Collins + Shō Murayama are the collective STRL_, based in Copenhagen/London. 

STRL_ operates as a spatial practice. Walking as a starting point for their work – exploring an intersection between landscape, land art and architecture. (Lucius Burkhardt’s theory of strollology is a great inspiration).

As a cross-disciplinary research praxis STRL_ seeks to find ways from which we can learn from the land, and challenge human relationship to surroundings – interrogating the relationship between body and space.

For their ‘Wanderings’ project STRL_ will be carrying out a performative walk: each person starting at two ends of Hounslow, with the aim to reach each other’s departure point with no map or conventional route-guidance. The walk will be recorded through sound and mappings – to be later translated into a sound-piece, non-map and site-marker.

Theresa Mikuria

Theresa is a photographer, and teacher of photography at the University of West London. She also writes books and essays on the photographic image, mysticism, Neoplatonism and Surrealism. 

For her Wanderings project, Theresa will be doing a series of walks in Hounslow using a combination of Surrealist interventions in urban space inspired by Chinese astrology and Andre Breton’s text ‘Nadja’.