Spring Rising

An exhibition of collage works by Tanvi Kant

(pictured below at the Treaty Centre, Hounslow, photography by Cristina Schek)

This exhibition of work by artist Tanvi Kant is based on a selection of original hand cut, pasted and stitched collages, and assemblage works made with found, natural objects. This inspiring collection of reproduction prints shows Tanvi’s love of nature and colour.

When making her collages, Tanvi shifts and moves the fragments that make up each work; placing and combining them together, until there is a moment where she pauses, and decides to stop. This pause becomes a suspension in time – and material – capturing static forms as if in movement.

These collage works express nature’s complex yet harmonious colours. The use of collage allows for a sense of images and worlds layered on top of each other. Each collage holds within it layers of history, storytelling and the bringing together of ancient stories told through the universal joy of natural forms.

Tanvi’s background in textile jewellery making has a strong influence on these newer collage works. The common thread of her work is inspired by natural growth and organic forms with a tactile, material quality.

About the artist

Tanvi began making textile jewellery in 2004 by unpicking the woven threads of her mother’s silk sari. Looking for ways to prolong fabrics and clothing no longer developed her own techniques of wrapping, coiling, knotting and stitching to make sculptural, wearable cords.

Her award-winning wearable pieces are sub-consciously infused with her Gujarati ancestral heritage while reflecting her fluid cultural identity and values.

Drawing inspiration from the textures, colours, and cycles of the natural world Tanvi’s work has evolved into hand cut, paste and stitched collage works, expanding her love of transforming found materials into colourful, organic forms that hover between leaves, flowers and the body.

Tanvi also delivers workshops in elemental techniques of twining, plaiting, coiling and mark-making in embroidery. She has over 13 years’ experience in delivering workshops within a variety of settings including galleries, museums, higher education, women’s charities, public spaces, and residential care homes. Her aim is to demonstrate how readily available materials can be transformed with unashamedly simple techniques.


Cornucopia is a hybrid of a tree with an elegant, tapered trunk under a brimming conical canopy. It is a print of an original collage. This piece reflects the abundance of life, growth, food and shelter that trees provide us.

Jameen | જમીન

Jameen or ‘Land’ reflecting lush greenery, forests and the connection of soil from an individual leaf to vast areas of land. This work is an original collage, with intricately hand cut foliage, leaves and tapered forms. This piece expresses the inherent freedom in nature yet evident friction of common land with nation borders, stewardship with ownership and renewal with depletion.

Leaf Dancer with Egg

Leaf Dancer with Egg is a dance on paper with familiar fragments of the natural and cosmic world. This print is from an original hand-cut and paste collage with hand-stitched turmeric-dyed cotton fabric.

Horn | શિંગડું Śiṅgaḍā

Śiṅgaḍā is pronounced ‘shingadu’ (Horn) in Gujarati.

This work reflects the power of nature in both the spirit of animal and plant. Piercing palms, curved spikes and a tusk with an upward turned horn merge into an animistic profile.

Vruksha | વૃક્ષ Vr̥kṣa

Vr̥kṣa or ’Tree’ is pronounced ‘Vruksha’ and written as વૃક્ષ in Gujarati.

This piece creates an image of a tree-like twisted form with a varied canopy. The multiple layered papers contain images of warm sun-lit meadows, foliage, with frayed chiffon fabrics.

વન હોડી | Forest Boat

Forest Boat is a floating island suspended in a landscape of dreams. It is a print of an original hand-cut and paste with hand-stitch collage. Part boat, part forest with a patchwork sail and an extra wing.

Leaf Dancer Yellow

Leaf Dancer Yellow is a momentary dance capturing the change of colour from green to vivid yellow. This print is from an original image of a floating arm hand-stitched to turmeric-dyed and avocado-dyed pink cotton fabric

Heart Land

Heart Land centres greenery, sunlit waters and hand-stitched avocado-dyed pink fabric. This print is of an original hand-cut and paste collage with intricately cut leaves and tapered forms.

Heart | hrday

Heart | hrday brings together fragments of yellow fabric, patchworked forms with outward facing tendrils. This print is of an original hand-cut and paste collage with intricately cut leaves and tapered forms.

Leaf with Yellow Seed

A single leaf with many identities, delicately balancing a bright yellow seed form. Hand cut images of leaves and sunset dappled meadows live within the leaf-like shapes.