Art Town: Connected

This exhibition will transform Feltham’s green spaces into Art Town!

Seven local artists’ work on the theme of Connection will be on display outside at Feltham Green and Bridge House Pond, from 1 – 31 July 2022, and at Salisbury Cafe from 4 July – 30 September 2022.

See the creativity the London Borough of Hounslow has to offer, and you can connect with the artists via their social media and websites:

Quddous Ahmed

Q is the director and founder of Poetical Word. These poems were originally commissioned and performed at a Chromatic Dinner event held at Watermans in 2021.

Natalia Bobrova #natalianbobrova 

Natalia studied history of art at the Moscow State Pedagogical University and oil painting at Ann Arbor Art School in the USA. The subjects of her paintings are often gardens and flowers distinguished by the vibrant contrasting rich oil colours. She also creates impressionistic paintings and photographs inspired by local surroundings of the river Thames, its islands and bridges, exploring subtle pastel colours and using different canvas shapes. 

Paul Franklin

Paul is a photographer, based in Hounslow West.

Sonia Gill

Sonia grew up in Hounslow, and was a pupil at the local schools throughout the 1970s and 80s, and after a break, she moved back to Hounslow in 2003. She became
interested in art at school, and from age 16 onwards became a self-taught artist

Gursharan Kaur

Gursharan began making art on the cusp of turning 70. Her works emerge from an intuitive enthusiasm to explore and reflect our inner emotions, and the connections we make with others and with the world around us. Sometimes these are fraught with grief and pain, and at other times they are joyous and bountiful. 

Darshana Vora

Darshana Vora’s newspaper collages ‘these narrative environments’ connect altered quotidian experience in the pandemic to a larger discourse critiquing the role of news and information in a world in flux.

Using the Evening Standard’s editorials to sift, mutate and re-present a version of reality, the process of creation became a way to counter her anxiety in the Covid 19 Pandemic.

The current iteration of this body of work takes the form of a serialized printed Tabloid, mimicking the source material and offering selectively composed narratives in the format of reportage and advertisements.

Darshana Vora is a conceptual artist with a multi-disciplinary approach. Her works are inspired by the urban fabric of the city, it’s rituals, processes and imagery – fusing the public with the private in dialogue. She has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions globally since 1997. She is a curator at a London gallery, and currently part of the research cohort with Theatrum Mundi.

Sangeeta Weatherley / @sansart

Sangeeta Weatherley is a self-taught artist with a background in IT looking for opportunities to spread the joy of colours through her vibrant paintings. She undertakes commissions and runs ‘Art Social’ workshops which have proven to help people connect with their inner artist.
She has a strong a passion for working with people and can lead diverse age groups and abilities.

Born in 1975 in Hyderabad, India, Sangeeta currently lives in London with her family. She has a Masters in Information Systems from Robert Gordon University, UK, and followed a career in IT working for several major international companies. Sangeeta has a passion for the outdoors. On one of her walks, she came across a group of watercolourists and discovered a love for capturing nature through art. Her emphasis is on the process rather than the result which allows for freedom of expression. This is evident in the abstraction of her recent works.

Sangeeta moved to the UK with her family in 2012. She finds the architecture and nature in London very inspiring. She frequently sketches by the Thames riverside, visits all major exhibitions, and attends workshops to develop her skills further.

Sangeeta explores her subject starting with sketching, photographing and then using a medium that she feels will capture and present her vision, the beauty of that moment, the light and shadows. She’s known for her use of bright colours. It’s a memory that she wishes to capture; her journey that she wants to share. She hopes it draws the viewer into that moment. Perhaps they too have a fondness for the subject matter. Perhaps it triggers some lost fond memory. Sangeeta is keen on experimenting and challenging herself with techniques, colours, mediums and compositions and strives to improve each day. She is currently focussing on landscapes and florals. 

She practises yoga and believes art is a form of meditation. Her vision is to reach out and connect with people through art, to reintroduce the joy of sketching and painting amongst adults who have not dabbled in art since school.