A World Between Us

A World Between Us was developed by Heston & Cranford Local Advisory Group with artist Becky Warnock in early 2020. The purpose of the project was to support the Hounslow community in a time of isolation and physical distancing, and to encourage confidence when discussing mental health and asking for help.

Running over the winter Covid-19 lockdown months, weekly photography workshops, zine-making and writing workshops encouraged participants to explore the intersections between communication, physical isolation and photography.

Together, they explored different techniques and ideas which led to the creation of personalised zines and larger pieces which are exhibited here.

Each zine reflects the participants’ emotional and physical journeys over lockdown, as they find new ways to connect to their homes, loved ones and communities. The posters illustrate specific moments in this past year, becoming visual embodiments of the participants’ explorations of language, imagery and communication in fresh and nuanced ways.

You will be able to find copies of the zines across Hounslow libraries and at Salisbury Cafe and The Hub at Beavers Estate in West Hounslow throughout May 2021. They are free, and we encourage you to take a copy.

You can also download our resource here to try out to help you to connect with yourself, your loved ones, your home and your local environment.


words measure, encapsulate, they seek to limit, to define my experience, other’s reality, meaning.

words boast clarity, communication of fact, of essence. Imperfection is inevitable yet not recognised.

pictures do not make these claims.

Aseea Mahmood

Beatriz Pullin

Intricate threads

Nature reaching out



Living involves the desire to create, and it gives hope.

Knitting, crochet, embroidery, sewing, gardening are ways of living and connecting with communities. Finding strength in nature.

Peace gives you inner strength to help you face the challenges of live.

Smell, texture and space.

Loren Eley

Reflection from houses to cars and even the sky.


Margaret R Smith

Mary a la Mode

Ebb & flow

50 Ways to Leave Your Lockdown

Sculpture & solace

Paul Franklin

I am rooted in my beliefs

Space gives me place

But place doesn’t give me space

I feel a sense of displacement.


Community is the park at the back of my house,

the swings where I pushed,

the trunks where we hid,

the paths with my groove, as I pushed sleepers.

The after school sharing,

the snowmen, chance meetings, the sound of the lost dog.

Late night laughs, blue lights flash by…

2 metres apart.

The walkers still walk, dogs still bark, children still laugh.

The ploggers, the kickers.

A lifeline.

A life time.

Gabriel Akamo, An Excuse for my Distance

This work by poet Gabriel Akamo was developed in response to the conversations and work produced by the participants on A World Between Us. 

The conversations floated around isolation, loneliness and longing for loved ones. The poem reflects the fatigue that the 2020-2021 UK lockdown brought to so many of us, and the secluded togetherness that we experienced in those winter months.

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How To Fold Your Own Zine!